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Accident Management
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A comprehensive Accident Management system. The application is split into 3 stages – User logs the event, 72 hr local manager check and full investigation. Web and mobile App based intelligent system making it easier for the User to log an event.
Airport CAA audits
30 audits to aid airports to ensure they compliant to CAA standards. These are pre set standards which the Client if required can modify to match their exact requirements. Proven and used by four Airports, with very successful results.
Logging assaults is also becoming more common. Understand exactly what happened, who was involved and what caused it. More litigation is occurring with assaults where no effective proof can be produced. Better to be safe than sorry.
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A very comprehensive audit module for simple checks or for full compliance audits. Intuitive, no training required. The audit schedule helps ensure the audits are completed at the right time and the dynamic audit action dashboard enables actions to be managed in detail.
Audit/Meeting Recommendations
Most companies have internal and external audits and many meetings. Log the actions from these into one central source so that they can be managed much more effectively and efficiently with everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.
Important to any business as it may have an adverse effect. Complaints can often be turned into positive results by understanding the complaint and taking action to alleviate the issue. You know you have a serious problem if the same complaint is constantly received.
Corporate Risk
Identify each Corporate risk within a company and list the current measures in place. Calculate the Risk score with measures in place as well as other measures which could reduce the risk further.  Emails are automatically triggered when the risk is due for review.
A library of all Hazardous Materials / COSHH assessments used within the Company can be logged, with details of the manufacturer, correct PPE to be worn and what precautions should be taken - keeping the workforce safe.
Document Management
Logging  all documents into a central source is the first benefit. Once logged then send the document out to groups of people with a timescale to read. Manage the readership of the document.  It is the Company’s responsibility to ensure all documents have been read by the correct personnel in the case of a negative event happening.
Environmental Concerns
More and more people are being increasingly concerned about the impact their actions can have on the environment. By recording all events that have or could have affected the Environment, measures can be put in place to ensure they are reduced in the future.
Fatigue and Stress
Our SMARTAA Fatigue and Stress Application supports Managers in assessing work routines and procedures and how they impact on employees. Individual and department risk levels can be reviewed on the Dashboard and custom report and analysed to assist in eliminating fatigue and stress at work.
Hazard Hunting
For Staff and Managers. If an issue or potential issue is found, then report it. Simple but highly effective as it gets staff members involved with the business and safety. An action is automatically created, and the Manager can decide if any further action is required.
Near Miss Management
Log all of those close calls to help stop a potential accident. As with accidents, there are 3 stages so that it is always checked and potentially investigated.
PGI (Planned General Inspections)
Designed for the Rail industry to audit all of their stations. As each station is different this PGI system enables each station to be customised in detail, simply and easily. Manage which stations have completed/not completed their PGI’s and how many actions found.
Property / Equipment Damage
It is important to record events resulting in damage to property and / or equipment.  Manage if equipment is being repaired/replaced and how was the damage caused.  Can steps be undertaken to reduce this?
Safety Conversations
Another new but growing feature with companies is to ensure the Local Manager talks to a minimum number of staff each month. If the staff member is following the safety regulations, then praise them and if not explain why – another accident reducing measure.
Safety Tours
Getting much more common in the workplace.  Local manager walks around their area checking that equipment is functioning, staff are wearing correct PPE, and the fabric of the building is safe. Weekly/Monthly tour help stop accidents and makes the Local Manger more aware.
All security incidents can be recorded. Analysis can then be undertaken to see which areas are more at risk to a security breach and the measures which can be implemented to reduce the security risk.
Getting Staff involved with Health & Safety / Security is always good because they are at the front end. Simple ideas could save you a fortune in less accidents and time off. The most important aspect is Staff engagement in the business.
Suicide Intervention
Again, this was primarily designed for the Rail industry, where the threat of suicides on the lines is extremely high. Record details of what was undertaken to prevent the person from taking their own life.
Task Risk Activity
For any task there is always a risk involved, be it high or low. Identify the activities within a task and the risk against each activity. This shows the User the maximum risk involved with the task and makes the overall task safer.
Wildlife Management
The latest mobile tool, mainly for airports, to undertake the checking of wildlife in and around the runway. Effectively control and manage when the check takes place and check to ensure it has taken place. Report on wildlife trends and dispersal methods.
72hr Investigations
What all companies should do. If there is an accident, near miss etc. then it should be checked out within 72hrs whilst it is still quite fresh. Check the User has logged the details correctly and even take additional photos to help with any potential litigation.
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"As a result of using SMARTAA, our CAA compliance auditing is more efficient and includes the ability to investigate health and safety issues as we as raise actions”

Keith Moran Doncaster Airport
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"We have eleven tools and applications combined into one single App with the successful data integration into an existing back office system. The system surpassed all expectations in terms of delivery date, innovative scope, system robustness and user experience at all levels."

Nara Burne – East Midland Trains
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“The APP is intuitive and is available to use at all times”

Shaun Lansfield Coca-Cola European Partners
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