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Designed for the day to day operations for multiple businesses: packed with features, competitively priced.

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Our clients are leaders in their industries, find out how our systems made their businesses SMARTAA

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SmartAA Mobile APP Technology

Health & Safety and Risk Assessment reporting just got Smartaa with our award winning mobile App and web application that can be used by any member of staff anywhere at any time.  

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The Smartaa SQR system has been designed with leading TOCs and is proven successful at managing the requirements defined by the DfT. 

The innovative system includes a dedicated SQR recording app and all DfT reporting and analysis dashboards as standard. 

The SQR system supports the rail industry in its plan to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

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Smartaa Application by ANT | Airport compliance apps

Health & Safety and Risk Assessment Reporting just got SmartAA with our mobile App and web application that can be used by any member of staff anywhere at anytime.

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The Benefits

The scope of industry required Audits & Assessments and Event Reporting continues to grow.

Businesses are now required to manage the new changes to their workplace, with fewer staff and lower costs.

SmartAA Benefits:

  • Promotes Pro Active Management
  • Save on resources and control administrative costs
  • Create Actions to Implement Effective Safety Solutions
  • Exceed Industry standards in Health and Safety
  • Streamlined Information reporting
  • Customised as standard
  • Unlimited user licences
  • UK based help desk
  • Competitively priced
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The Concept system for managing your risk and Health and Safety

Our professional experience provides today's fast-moving industry sectors with reliable technology and the SMARTAA software to raise safety standards.

The SMARTAA System is designed to be a powerful and cost-effective tool to save time and resources. Auditing and reporting has never been more user-friendly or streamlined in its approach.

If you want to see your reporting, tracking and analysis increase in volume and improve in accuracy, then our core product SMARTAA Foundation equips you with the building blocks to create a safer working environment. 

For more information call us on 01825 713058 or contact us to find out how SMARTAA can help satisfy your business demands.

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If you want to see reporting, tracking and management applications increase in volume and improve in accuracy, make the SmartAA choice for your team.

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Mobile APP Technology

It makes sense to save money and increase the number of personnel recording more accurate information.

Administration staffing costs are expensive and avoidable so many admin functions are now antiquated. Save money by using the SMARTAA App.

The SMARTAA Mobile app is a functional tool that eliminates the necessity for additional data entry. Investment in mobile technology is a fraction of the price of an administration person.  SMARTAA mobile has been designed to give users a clear and easy process for information collection.

SMARTAA is the accessible and obvious operating system, designed and developed for our client’s requirements. The result is a fully custom system that can be installed efficiently at an economical price.

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