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Company: East Midlands Railway
Industry: Railways
Location: London
Found It – Smart Lost Property Management Solution

Client Overview

As a major train operator East Midlands Railways are connecting people and places across the Midlands and through to London. They are continually investing in new technology and ideas to enhance their customer satisfaction and employed the Found IT web and mobile App to streamline their lost property requirements.


“We are delighted with the results following the introduction of the Found It Lost Property system, which helps our customers to be easily reunited with items lost on our trains/stations. The easy to use staff APP/web-system has allowed us to easily audit items that have been found and our match rate has increased by 6%. As the system is automated, we have also seen a 52% reduction in calls to the team. ANT were easy to work with and the system was tailored to our own requirements – pleased to do business with them.
Thanks, Nara"

Nara Burne | CI & CSC Systems Manager

The Benefits

A major train operator East Midlands Railways are connecting people and places across the Midlands and through to London.

Lost property can be found on trains, stations and trackside by EMR staff and members of the public. EMR’s reoccurring issue was that on finding a lost property item, their process was manually driven to unite this item back with the property owner. This resulted in mountains of paperwork and expensive administration costs.

Once an item had been found, linking it to the person who had lost the property was a difficult and timely process. A major part of the challenge was the administrative costs and time of arranging a courier service for hundreds of items. EMR’s system worked, but was not streamlined or a suitable use of their resources resulting in increasingly large costs in administration.
Found IT is a comprehensive Web and Mobile App solution. Once an item is found, the details are quickly logged onto the Found IT App. This automatically and electronically updates the central lost property system, saving valuable administrative resources, with the App ensuring the correct information is collected.

The central system automatically calculates the time period from when the item was first found through to when it should be disposed, which requires no EMR staff resources.

EMR have improved their service by allowing customers to access the Found IT system and log that they have lost an item, which is a quick and easy process. Once logged, a clever algorithm is used to check, and the customer is immediately informed if there is a close match. The controller of the Found IT system is informed too. They can then check the possible item and the detailed description the customer entered to identify if it is an exact match. Every night, the algorithm is used to check all customer lost items against the found item database and the customers constantly informed – keeping then up to date on the status.

Another key benefit is the elimination of resources required to courier the item to the customer. If an item has been matched, the customer is informed and they have a choice if they require it to be couriered. If they confirm yes, it automatically links to the courier service system where they pay the fees and arrange delivery.

Managers and Staff now have peace of mind with lost luggage, as once the item is found there is a comprehensive, automatic log of every stage of the process including finding it and passing it to control, providing transparency for the company.

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