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Company: Humberside
Industry: Airport
Location: Humberside
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Client Overview

Based in the North of England Humberside Airport operates a range of flights from commercial to flying instruction. Humberside supports cargo logistics with a variety of freight aircraft being able to benefit from its service. The airport is regulated by the CAA, as well as their own stringent internal Health and Safety controls.  


“Here at Humberside Airport, we have recently purchased a flexible software solution to allow us to manage the following elements of our operations:
• Corporate and task risk assessment and management
• Hazard spotting and safety suggestion reporting
• Accident and incident reporting and investigation processes
• Compliance monitoring for regulatory and legislative purposes\
• Document control and distribution management system

The system is very user friendly, as well as end user configurable, and as with most software solutions, we began with an existing framework which required some changes to fit in with our organisational needs. Many of these changes have been carried out by our own staff with instruction from the ANT customer care team. A number of other changes have required support from ANT and their programmers, and in every case, we have received a level of support which has been second to none. One of the main reasons we chose to change our previous provider, centred on the customer care we received, and I am pleased to say this decision has been completely vindicated. I have no hesitation in recommending ANT to other organisations, not only within the aviation industry, but anyone looking to manage their safety systems in a flexible way using an integrated user-friendly way.”

Rick Phillips Grad IOSH | Senior Airport Fire Officer and Health and Safety Manager

The Benefits

Compliance to airport safety is a crucial factor in airport operations, with Managers being responsible for the safety of the vast amount of staff, passengers, public and contractors who can be on site during its operations.

Humberside airport safety team required a software solution that would encompass all of their compulsory safety procedures and routines in a practical solution. ANT have been working with Humberside since 2018 with the bespoke system being immediately introduced into their safety procedures. The purpose built system that Humberside Management Team use supports their needs by providing a comprehensive and user friendly interface which allows auditing and safety measures to be reviewed and analysed in the desired timescales. The information collected is automatically recorded onto the web system, with less clerical and administration errors, saving on resources and assists in continually improving the quality of information collected.

A key feature for Humberside is the ability to create ‘Actions’ providing the safety team with up to date notifications on areas of concern and what is required to eliminate potential or ongoing issues.

The SMARTAA system provides the Humberside airport Safety Team with the tools to proactively manage every aspect of the airports safety to ensure they not only meet compliance but exceed it, providing constant reassurance to its shareholders, staff and customers.

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