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Council Compliance

Council Compliance App and web Solutions


  • Accident Management
  • Asset Register  
  • Audits
  • Fleet Management
  • Hazard Hunting
  • Near Miss
  • Property/Equipment Damage
  • Safety Conversations
  • Safety Tours
  • Security
  • Suggestions
  • Task Risk
  • Corporate Risk

Friendly Functionality

  • Improve compliance and risk tracking with an automated system
  • Built in dashboard and reporting as standard
  • 24/7 real time cloud-based system
  • Secure & profile driven system access
  • Unlimited user licences
Council Compliance App and web Solutions

Council Compliance

ANT’s Smartaa system provides councils with a software solution to manage compliance, risk and H&S within its local authority, personnel and assets.

Councils have utilised the multi-use SMARTAA web and apps as a successful solution for all its compliance responsibilities. In today’s everchanging landscape, efficient management is key to delivering exceptional services and fostering thriving communities. 

Our software offers robust reporting and analytical capabilities, enabling data-driven decision making and performance monitoring. Furthermore, local authorities can benefit from streamlined asset registers, audits and daily inspections. 

Fleet Management through to yearly compliance audits and accident recording simplify and standardise procedures for improved efficiency across any council’s many obligations to its personnel, residents and clients. 

Whether you're a small, town council or a large authority, our Council Management Software is customisable to meet your specific needs and scale with your organisation as it grows.

Contact us today for a personalised demo and discover how our Council Compliance Systems can transform your council operations and drive success.

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