Company: East Sussex County Council
Industry: Local Government
Location: East Sussex

Client Overview

East Sussex Council serves a local population of 558K, with the council providing a large range of services to the community.  East Sussex County Council have a responsibility for the safety within its schools and have chosen our iDynamic Auditing system as the appropriate solution for their business requirements.


“We have been using the ANT iDynamic system for a year and have found it invaluable in our day to day operations. The system itself is extremely easy to use and enables my team to monitor our contract efficiently. The reporting element is clear and can be tailored to concentrate on various subjects which allows us to track trends with ease and focus on specific areas. Our contractor now uses the same system which aligns our reporting and provides transparency. The back of house support has been second to none. Claire and her team are always on hand with advice and guidance when we call with nothing being too much trouble. This system really has streamlined our way of working.”

Sarah Hungerford | Contract Officer I Contracts Team I Facilities Management

The Benefits

East Sussex were auditing on paper and their Auditors were spending just as long typing out there audits as actually doing them.

They really needed a SMARTAA system in place and they reached out to us. With our Audits being mobile friendly, this eliminated all their paperwork. Photos and notes added more in-depth detail to conforming and non-conforming answers. Prior to using the auditing system the council did not have a way to manage their actions, and were constantly having to chase any outstanding actions, but with our auditing system, they could create standard actions and be proactive.

When recession hit, East Sussex, like many councils ESCC had to cut back their auditing resources even further. They had the same amount of audits which they were required to carry out, but were stretched to keep up. With less staff to do the audits, we advised them to enable the schools to self audit, cutting auditors time and allowing them to simply advise and check the schools. Who else knows the schools as well as the staff and teachers? As actions are internal and need to be addressed by the Head, Site Manager or other staff this was a perfect solution to involve those in charge of schools in the Health and Safety decisions that affected their school.  The schools were more than happy to be onboard, now self-auditing is the norm.

The ability to create actions and allocate these to a responsible person has improved its overall safety responsibilities and defined accountability.  

East Sussex County Council found the system so beneficial in their working practices that they implemented the system into the public sector Orbis partnership. East Sussex County Council and Orbis continue to benefit from the cost-effective and accurate Auditing Application, which has improved the overall safety of schools by ensuring essential and outstanding actions are completed in the determined timescales.

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