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Benefits of ANT APP and Web Solutions


  • Accident Management
  • Asset Register  
  • Audits
  • Fleet Management
  • Hazard Hunting
  • Near Miss
  • Property/Equipment Damage
  • Safety Conversations
  • Safety Tours
  • Security
  • Suggestions
  • Task Risk

What's Included

  • Improve compliance and risk tracking with an automated system
  • Built in dashboard and reporting as standard
  • 24/7 real time cloud-based system
  • Secure & profile driven system access
  • Unlimited user licences
SMARTAA is best practice for business

Save on resources and manage actions quickly and effectively.

There are numerous companies using the SMARTAA systems, all of which has proved that we have helped multiple industries to work more streamlined and efficiently.

What do our other clients gain from our APP and Web Solutions?

- Save on resources
- Manage Actions and Investigations effectively
- Analyse any results in detail
- Proactively improve their standards

They can benefit from any audits, from daily inspections through to yearly compliance audits. A number of our clients, have expressed to all of their sites that the SMARTAA Auditing system is regarded as the best Practice system and are now using it company wide. Or by word of mouth, other similar branches are contacting us requesting the same system to be in place for them.

The range of clients using the SMARTAA applications are very varied and include;

- Airports
- Rail
- Medical Companies
- Restaurant Chains
- Hotels
- Electrical Companies (PAT and FIXED)

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