Benefits of ANT APP and Web Solutions

Save on resources and manage actions quickly and effectively

There are numerous other companies using the ANT systems, all of which have proved the benefits of
our systems.

ANT's SmartAA App - Helping multiple industries to work faster and more efficient.

Other clients gaining the benefits of ANT APP and Web Solutions;
- To save on resources
- To manage Actions and Investigations effectively
- To analyse any results in detail

These can be daily inspections through to 3 monthly compliance audits. They have indeed found the benefits of the ANT systems, to such an extent that Coca Cola Head Office has stated to all of its sites that the ANT Audit system is regarded as the best Practice system.

The range of clients using the ANT applications are very varied and include;
- Coca Cola
- Medical Companies
- Restaurant Chains
- Hotels
- Electrical Companies (PAT and FIXED)

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Health & Safety and Risk Assessment Reporting just got SmartAA with our mobile App and web application that can be used by any member of staff anywhere at anytime.

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