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Company: Atlas Workplace Services
Industry: Facilities Management
Location: London

Client Overview

Launched in 2013 Salisbury group is an award-winning Facilities Management company.  On the 29th January 2024 Salisbury Group became a new division of Atlas Workplace Services. They offer an above-and-beyond attitude to supporting their customers, which include education, transport, local government, retail, recruitment, logistics and infrastructure. Salisbury employed over 500 people working across the UK and Ireland, with almost half of the personnel being mobile, travelling around their respective regions to deliver facilities management and services to their broad range of customers. Salisbury embraced technology to provide a personal approach to Facilities Management.


“Atlas Workplace Services continue to use their audit platform to monitor compliance for regulatory and legislative purposes.  We use the auditing function for a number of areas of the business including:

• Health and Safety auditing

• Fire Risk Assessments

• Energy auditing
• Bespoke business unit auditing.  

The system is easy to use and navigate. It has been designed and developed to meet our specific business needs and the adaptability of the system means that we have the ability to administer changes to our own question sets to meet any changing requirements.  We also have access to useful management information/ reporting functions within the system which enables us to monitor trends, focus our resources and make improvements.

Atlas Workplace Services use the ANT system on a number of devices, (e.g. laptop and tablet). We are able to complete audits both online and offline, which enables us to continue to work on sites in remote locations.

One of the main reasons Atlas Workplace Services have remained with ANT, is due to the effectiveness of the system and also the high level of customer service/support that is received. The ANT team are always on hand to support and advise.  Whether this be making minor or major system changes, adding new user accounts, answering queries, or discussing future development needs.

We have no hesitation in recommending ANT to other organisations within the FM industry or anyone looking for a flexible auditing system that can be used both online and offline. They always deliver a professional service with a friendly and supportive approach.”

Alex Nisbet Tech IOSH | Senior QSHE Manager (National)
Kathrine Baxendale
| Grad IOSH - QSHE Manager (National)

The Benefits

In January 2019 Salisbury Group became a new division of Atlas Workplace Services and have an expansive team responsible for the Health and Safety and Facilities Management of multiple sites within the UK.

To be an award-winning Facilities Management Company requires a rare blend of expertise, values and the personal touch. Atlas Workplace Services operational difficulty was how to audit each site on a regular basis using their specialist knowledge and in turn how to collate and analyse the relevant information in an efficient and effective manner.

The SMARTAA system enables Atlas Workplace Services to continue to service the buildings in their care by auditing regularly using its mobile technology.  They have taken full advantage of the freedom and mobile aptitude of the Auditing App as well as its user-friendliness.  Its integration with the web-based application provides an effective way to collect auditing information. Atlas Workplace Services have benefited from the flexibility of being able to administer their own question sets for audits to keep them up to date and relevant with the legal and industry requirements which they are required to follow.

For a growing company of this magnitude, clear reporting and a streamlined process was delivered by ANT’s dashboard, which managers use to analyse and investigate the collated information to facilitate its success and to provide its customers with an exceptional service.

Atlas Workplace Services (Salisbury) have been a customer for many years and have enjoyed the assistance received from ANT’s support and specialist knowledge as well as excellent customer service.
More recently we were able to support them further by developing an assets application which they are using with enormous success.

"We commissioned a bespoke Asset Capture and application from SmartAA and have been thrilled with the outcome. The whole process from start to finish has been smooth and well managed. The app itself works really well and has allowed staff from all over the business to gain access to the system and carry out work. Compared to previous validations where we have used either online Excel forms or paper-based systems, the integrity and completeness of the data returned has been impressive. This has allowed us to collate accurate asset data for mobilisations much quicker than previously and with much less data manipulation or risk of errors. This has been a game changer for us, and we are very grateful to the team for all their assistance in the development of this solution."

Richard Warren BA(Hons) IEng FIHEEM | Technical Director
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