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Smartaa has combined technological developments with an intelligent auditing system


ANT was established in 1986 and since then have been creating comprehensive auditing systems to meet with whatever compliance regulations are required by your industry standard.

What Makes our SMARTAA Bespoke Auditing System Second to None?

Bespoke Audits

All our audits are bespoke to your specifications. Our system enables you to create your own audits, or we can apply them to your system. Having the audits completely tailored to you, means that you can control and regulate areas which are of high or low risk to you.

Undertake an Audit on The Web or Mobile

Auditors have the flexibility to undertake the audits on the handheld as well as the web. The benefits of using the mobile for auditing are:

  • Elimination of paperwork as the data is transferred to the web electronically
  • Record photographic evidence, with the ability to edit photos and create notes to add more evidence to the non-compliance
  • Streamlined and Visual Colour features- Enabling the auditor to navigate through the sections easily, the auditor can easily identify which sections have been started, partially completed, and completed.
  • Answers can be coloured by the traffic light system for ease of use and to eliminate user error.
  • Summary Page Review - Gives you the opportunity to review the audit and modify any answers before the audit is uploaded.
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Streamlined Actions with Standard Actions 

Rather than creating a new action every time a question fails, during setup we can create standard actions for you. These are the frequent actions which occur with the non-compliance of the question.

This way, if an action is often required, rather than typing it in each time, it can just be selected, saving the auditor time and effort. 

Incomplete Audits

Any audits can be started on the web or on the mobile and saved as ‘Incomplete.’ You can then finish the audit later, on the web or mobile and not lose any recorded information. 

Verifying and Modify an Audit

As an option, audits can be verified or modified by the auditor. This is convenient if you are undertaking part of the audit on the mobile, at a site. The auditor can return to the office with the information they have gathered. They can then re-open the audit and make modifications before it is completed. It can then be verified.


If required, an assigned member of staff or manager will receive an email when an audit is completed, or an action has been raised. Automated emails can be sent when the action is overdue at defined schedules, with the escalation feature automatically sending notification to those in higher management the longer the action is outstanding. It promotes the ethos of a responsible workplace and environment with communication being key.

Action Analysis

Analyse trends & people and be much more proactive in your Health and Safety with the SMARTAA Audits Dashboard.

The SMARTAA Dashboard enables users to analyse in detail the actions which are outstanding, overdue, and complete. Completed Actions can be investigated further to determine if further Actions and proactive steps are needed. 

The Action Dashboard is invaluable as it enables you to analyse actions in a host of ways, by location, by month, by responsible person etc.
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SMARTAA Failures Feature

The Failures Feature on our SMARTAA Audits Dashboard identifies which criteria failed the most, it also analyses the actual reason for failure, enabling more proactive management of your site.

Used effectively, it can help to identify your biggest issues within the company and determine where your efforts and training should be focused, saving you time and money. 

What Our Clients Say

Testimonials from our clients and customers

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"As a result of using SMARTAA, our CAA compliance auditing is more efficient and includes the ability to investigate health and safety issues as we as raise actions”

Keith Moran Doncaster Airport
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"We have eleven tools and applications combined into one single App with the successful data integration into an existing back office system. The system surpassed all expectations in terms of delivery date, innovative scope, system robustness and user experience at all levels."

Nara Burne – East Midland Trains
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