Dynamic Smartaa Actions Dashboard

Dynamic Smartaa Actions Dashboard

The new Smartaa Dynamic Actions Dashboard is an extremely powerful tool for gauging comparative action trends in a variety of ways from which locations have the majority of actions through to how late the actions were completed /overdue.

Analyse in detail the actions which are overdue, outstanding and complete and even analyse the timescale when actions have been completed as this could highlight an issue within your company. The Dynamic Action Dashboard is invaluable as it enables you to analyse actions in a host of ways, by location, by month, by responsible person etc.

Say goodbye to the old method of undertaking an audit, produce the report and hope everything gets cleared – now analyse trends, people and be much more pro active.

On the Audit Dashboard you can access such vital information as the audit type, auditor, location and the date range.

Smartaa Failures Feature

Now hold on a minute - maybe you’re wondering why we at ANT are boasting about something that shows your failures. Well…

The Failures Feature on our Dynamic Smartaa dashboard does not just identify which criteria failed the most, it also analyses the actual reason for failure enabling more pro active management of your site.

Identify your biggest issues within the company and discover where your effort and training should be diverted to, saving you time and money. No other rival Auditing system covers so much.

Performance Indicator Page

Shows a summary of the Audit, including how many questions conformed and how many were non-conforming.

Select the failed criteria and discuss each one with the local manager, show them the photographs taken to prove the criteria was not compliant and explain why – subliminal training on the spot and helping the local manager.

It enables the auditor to complete the detailed audit and then spend time at the end to discuss the findings, via the Performance Indicator screen on the App, with the local manager easily and effectively. The auditor is now imparting their skilled knowledge to the local manager to explain why certain criteria did not comply.

Streamlining and Visual Colour Indicators

ANT have also redesigned the audit system to reduce the number of “clicks”.

Enabling the auditor to navigate through the sections easily and have added colour features so the auditor can easily identify which sections have been not started, partially completed and completed.

Even the questions and answers can be coloured for ease of use and to eliminate user mistakes.

Notifications and Automatic Reporting

The automatic email notifications have also been enhanced so that they are now even more powerful than before.

Send the audit report and action escalation emails, as and when they are required, automatically.

The assigned member of staff will receive an email when an action has been raised. The system will also send out an email when the action is overdue by 1 day, 15 days and 30 days. Use the escalation feature to automatically send the notification to those in higher management the longer the action is outstanding. It promotes the ethos of a responsible workplace and environment.

Smartaa Audit Schedule

Smartaa Audits now even comes with an Audit Schedule facility giving you the ability to plan when audits are to be undertaken by location and frequency.

Whether you need your audits scheduled weekly, monthly or yearly, we’ve got it covered.

No more trying to manually sort out the schedule – the manager responsible for undertaking the audit will automatically receive an email notification to let them know it is due.

Plan, manage and track your audit schedule.

Smartaa Audit Final Proofing

There are two types of audits – one being undertaken by local managers where once they have completed it on the mobile, it is uploaded to the Smartaa web system and is live and distributed.

Other Audits, such as Compliance Audits, usually undertaken by professional NEBOSH auditors, are much more important. In most cases the audit is completed on site and uploaded onto the Smartaa Web system – BUT not completed and placed on hold.

The auditor can get back to the office with the majority of the work already completed and can then re open the audit, print the report to check it and make modifications before it is finally complete and released to the site and goes live.

What Our Clients Say

Testimonails from our clients and customers

“As the Health and Safety Manager for Peel Airports covering two aerodromes, the SaRMS system provides me with immediate oversight of both facilities from any location. The system is easy to use and provides myself with a multitude of reporting options saving vast amount of time and effort."

Shane Berry of Peel Airports
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"We have eleven tools and applications combined into one single App with the successful data integration into an existing back office system. The system surpassed all expectations in terms of delivery date, innovative scope, system robustness and user experience at all levels."

Nara Burne – East Midland Trains
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"As discussed, we are using “i.S.C.A.L.E Auditor” software to carry out Planned Safety Inspections, Housekeeping Tours and BBFA Team Leader Tours on our iPhones and iPads. These audits are then uploaded onto the Web Page and allow the actions to tracked, trended and closed. This has been developed by Advanced New Technology."

Coca Cola – Head Office
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