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Health & Safety and Risk Assessment Reporting just got SmartAA with our mobile App and web application that can be used by any member of staff anywhere at anytime.

Need Help with your Reporting?

We found a recurring theme with our clients running into the same issues. There's always a solution and we made it!

A True, Dynamic App Working Both Online & Offline

The app mirrors, and has all the power of your web application. It leads the user to only answer what is required. It comes with help notes, saves valuable time and resources, uploads events in real time, sends automatic emails to named personnel and, more importantly, it involves the managers and staff directly with company safety.

User Friendly

The user can clearly see if they have incomplete events that they need to finish and upload.

Multiple Applications

Multiple applications within a single app, making it more convenient for the user and better for saving phone memory.

Body Part Picker

Simply select the part of the body injured. This will then display a list of details of the part body selected.

Automatic Email Report

Once you have completed the report, the report will be automatically emailed to all relevant parties and uploaded to your web system.

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If you want to see reporting, tracking and management applications increase in volume and improve in accuracy, make the SmartAA choice for your team.

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