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Company: MTR Elizabeth Line
Industry: Rail
Location: St Mary’s Axe, London
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Client Overview

MTR Elizabeth Lines’ future vision is to set a new transport standard for the UK, moving people and connecting communities better than anyone else. As a rail company they are operating the new high frequency, high capacity railway for London and the South East.  The Rail company is continually expanding its network and is dedicated to enhance customer experience, ensuring a safe, reliable and high quality journey. MTR are building their business through continual innovation and improvements.


“We have eleven tools and applications combined into one single App with the successful data integration into a back-end office system. The system surpassed all expectations in terms of delivery date, innovative scope, system robustness and user experience at all levels.”

Martin Catchpole | Health & Safety Manager / MTR Crossrail
MTR Innovative award

MTR Innovative award

The Benefits

ANT and MTR Crossrail utilise SMARTAA applications for Audits, Hazard Reporting, Safety Conversations, Incidents – Accidents and Guards

To maintain a rail franchises safety obligations takes immense resources and organisation. To assist in its continuous approach to improve health and safety and customer satisfaction ANT provides MTR with a full range of Auditing and Applications. This includes 7 Safety recording, 2 Safety Tours applications, Planned General Inspection, an RM3 audit system and a system which keeps all staff informed of induction, safety and alerts.Safety measures are constantly reviewed with staff being fully involved in the day to day operation to maximise its customer service and safety. MTR’s mission to empower their people has resulted in staff being issued with mobile devices to further aid in its commitment to maintain and exceed safety standards. The mobile applications allow data to be recorded efficiently with a higher degree of accuracy, with the results being immediately transferred to their main operating Compass system.

The MTR integrated system has been so successful for MTR that ANT and the MTR Safety team won their yearly award for initiative.
This one combined system serves MTR with multiple uses,  centralised data and improved analysis and reporting.

After 6 months the results exceeded all MTR Elizabeth line expectations – their words are;

  • iSafety drove up an increase of 198% of reporting across all the applications.
  • A four fold reporting of Close Call Events
  • A reduction in Accidents
  • A huge reduction in phone calls within the Safety Control Centre.
  • A radical reduction in the administration time due to the direct link to COMPASS.
  • Improved quality and volume of Safety event reporting
  • Real time data and a higher quality of the data, resulting in higher quality analysis.
  • Improved the compliance for GDPR, HSE and SMISS+ guidance and regulations

The National Rail Passenger Survey, a key measure of MTR safety success was also positive;

  • Your personal security whilst at a station – results up from 69% to 76%
  • Your personal security whilst on board – results up 61% from to 71%
A very successful project by both parties working in close partnership.
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