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Company: Westgrove
Industry: Cleaning and Security Services  
Location: Warrington
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Client Overview

Westgrove provides bespoke cleaning and security solutions to various sectors. Within the Facilities management sector Westgrove continue to be innovative in there vision to add value and continual improvement to their successful business. Their award winning service continues to grow with their clients benefiting by the level of quality they provide. Westgrove’s team are integral to this success and they endeavour to develop new ideas and solutions to their customers demands.


“We have been using Advanced New Technology’s software solution for many years within our business. When I took over the role of Head of Health, Safety and Compliance, I wanted to update and improve the reporting of accidents and incidents across all Westgrove sites. The Advanced New Technology team have been helpful, supportive and quick to respond to any requests and together we have created a proactive and streamlined solution for both compliance and quality.

Due to unlimited licences being provided, we are able to operate across multiple sites and collate information, initiate investigations and put corrective actions into place within a short space of time.

We also have the flexibility to audit or undertake the initial accident report on a tablet / mobile device and upload to the web where the information can be stored or analysed later.Going forwards, I hope that we can develop our relationship and continue to work together to maintain and improve upon what is a very useful auditing and safety reporting system".

Angela Crawford | Head of Health Safety & Compliance

The Benefits

Westgrove provides bespoke cleaning and security solutions to various sectors.

For Westgrove, communications within each site worked well, but for the Central Health and Safety team controlling the communication of information between sites was challenging as the Health and Safety Team required accurate information quickly and easily. The Head of Westgrove Health, Safety and Compliance observed the ANT SMARTAA system in use at Doncaster Airport and thought it would fit Westgrove requirements.  

The SMARTAA system is used as an integrated system for all Westgrove sites, so that the information required by the company is standardised. The automatic email notifications, which are triggered as soon as an event occurs provides managers with an instant notification. The web system provides the Westgrove team with a user-friendly tool which can be accessed at any time by any member of staff, with the Mobile App being advantageous as events can be logged immediately. Westgrove’s company dashboard enables mangers to analysis all actions that have been created, so they can be monitored and managed effectively to produce a positive outcome for the company and its clients.  

Within a few months of the system being implemented, SMARTAA was a complete success within Westgrove, with additional applications being added to their core system.

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