Construction Industry

Construction App and Web based Compliance


  • Accident Management
  • Asset Register  
  • Audits
  • Fleet Management
  • Hazard Hunting
  • Near Miss
  • Property/Equipment Damage
  • Safety Conversations
  • Safety Tours
  • Security
  • Suggestions
  • Task Risk

What's Included

  • Improve compliance and risk tracking with an automated system
  • Built in dashboard and reporting as standard
  • 24/7 real time cloud-based system
  • Secure & profile driven system access
  • Unlimited user licences
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Construction Audit Solutions

A flexible Auditing and Applications software for Construction Auditors

ANT's SMARTAA systems - Helping to identify and resolve non-compliance on construction sites.

The SMARTAA Auditing system allows an auditor to actively record data with a higher degree of accuracy on the web or mobile. Once a compliance audit is complete then the SMARTAA automated process sends emails to responsible personnel and notifies the Site manager of any Actions requiring attention. The SMARTAA email action escalation module helps Site managers stay in control of outstanding Actions and escalates information to their manager.

The ability to be able to analyse failures on the SMARTAA Dashboard enables the manager to identify trends of non-conformance and to pro-actively provide additional training or update Health and Safety routines and procedures.

SMARTAA can include other industry relevant applications such as Near Miss, Hazard Hunter, Accidents, which can help identify hazards and issues in real time on the site.  The SMARTAA system provides a comprehensive all in one platform for all your safety management and risk tracking required.

When inspections are regular and robust then a project is more controlled and safety standards are raised. With SMARTAA Construction make a difference to your H&S Standards, prove you are HSE compliant and complete your project in budget.

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