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Incident Management

SMARTAA has revolutionised outdated incident recording procedure

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Incident Management Reporting System

Working with an array of industries including airports, railway and construction, ANT have developed SMARTAA, a complete Incident Management Reporting System. This includes separate Applications for Accident (Personal Injury), Incident and Near Miss as standard.

SMARTAA has streamlined Incident reporting, creating a robust user-friendly package. After logging the incident, the system provides:

  • A 72-hour review of the accident/incident for the manager
  • Full investigation, based upon the chosen parameters
  • Ability to create actions, linked to the Record
  • Automatic emails to notify personnel to undertake the next stage of a record
  • Dynamic Action Dashboard

Incident Reporting Solution

ANT’s Incident Reporting Solution has been purpose built for you, bespoke to your question set. This includes a full best practice process to assist with reporting, investigating, reviewing, and analysing Health and Safety incidents. 

Real time data collection can significantly improve the proactivity of Health and Safety decisions. Evidence is recorded against every stage and remedial actions can be tracked and monitored.

Our Clients find that SMARTAA’s intelligence makes recording of incidents a far more straightforward experience, with more incidents being recorded year on year. 

This isn’t because there are more incidents, but because personnel find it so easy to use, as and when the incident needs to be reported. 

This way, there are less incidents going unrecorded, as tend to happen in some systems where reporting is inadequate.

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SMARTAA App Incident Reporting (Stage 1)

By making data collection simpler on mobile devices, the SMARTAA Incident Reporting system reduces administration costs, removes data collection errors, and provides users with effective reports which are digitally stored to maintain compliance records.  

The intelligent features of the SMARTAA App Recording promote a host of additional benefits to the recording of incidents:

  • Real time reporting enables users to immediately log an Incident/Accident/Near Miss.
  • Automatic emails to a named manager ensure they are informed of an incident within minutes
  • Elimination of paperwork as the data is transferred to the web electronically
  • Record photographic evidence, with the ability to edit photos and create notes to add more evidence to the incident record
  • Increase in manager and staff participation with more employees involved with safety

*Stage 1 is the initial report.  It is also available on the web.

72 Hour Review 

Available on the web, the 72-hour review is often undertaken by the local manager and will play a vital role should any legal action be required. By using the 72-hour investigation a manager will: 

  • Be aware that an accident happened in their area within minutes
  • Check the details entered and add any additional information
  • Check if this is a potentially RIDDOR reportable incident. (The record can then be exported, and a manager can pass on a copy to HSE, if required)
  • Take additional photos which will help the reporting and litigation process
  • Take any appropriate immediate action to stop further occurrence

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Full Investigation

“Incidents are just accidents waiting to happen.”

A full investigation is very important to try and understand the root cause.

Understanding what caused it, can help a company eliminate, or take additional steps, to ensure the same incident will not cause an accident, or that the same accident is not repeated. 

Investigations feature the following aspects:

  • Based on your parameters, SMARTAA will automatically calculate how much of an investigation is required.
  • Depending on this, the investigation will check if the person was working to the correct company standards. (This may be vital if any legal actions are taken).
  • The investigation will ask what factors contributed to the incident.

The whole record can be downloaded as a report that can be then shared with HSE or other reporting bodies.

Smartaa Analysis and Reporting

The SMARTAA system is extremely flexible and robust. We know that every company has its own reporting requirements and often those requirements evolve and change.

ANT have created a simple Graph and Reports module which enables graphs and reports to be produced internally from within the applications.

Following the simple steps outlined within the module, you can create and save a New Template, which can be edited and reused with different filters and date ranges to generate a graph or report quickly and easily.

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Smartaa Actions

Within the Application’s own Action Dashboard you can closely monitor the status of any action, assisting you to identify trends and implement practical solutions. 

Construction Audit Solutions ANT Smartaa Foundation Statistics and graphs

If you are interested in knowing more or would like an on-site presentation of our SMARTAA Accident system then please contact ANT on; Tel: 01825 713058 or email:

What Our Clients Say

Testimonials from our clients and customers

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"As a result of using SMARTAA, our CAA compliance auditing is more efficient and includes the ability to investigate health and safety issues as we as raise actions”

Keith Moran Doncaster Airport
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"We have eleven tools and applications combined into one single App with the successful data integration into an existing back office system. The system surpassed all expectations in terms of delivery date, innovative scope, system robustness and user experience at all levels."

Nara Burne – East Midland Trains
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“The APP is intuitive and is available to use at all times”

Shaun Lansfield Coca-Cola European Partners
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