Support Desk

+ a new SmartAA Ticketing System

Human Support and Help

Need support or help with any queries. The ANT have you covered with our great support team.

Another of ANT’s key assets is our human Help Desk – Yes it is available and you get a friendly reception when you call – yes old fashioned but it works.

Claire and Lynsey are exceedingly expert on all the system and have been with ANT in the Help Desk team for over 10 years – experience counts.

You will get a completely no hassle response from them. Your call goes directly to the Help Desk team where you will receive an immediate response.

We have also completed our SmartAA Ticket system. Your request is logged into it and you will receive an automatic email providing you with any feedback and a planned completion date of your request.

This means you will be constantly kept up to date with your request.

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Health & Safety and Risk Assessment Reporting just got SmartAA with our mobile App and web application that can be used by any member of staff anywhere at anytime.

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