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ANT's SMARTAA system provides airports with a software solution that successfully supports Airports in complying with their CAA and legal requirements.

ANT has multiple airports using numerous applications within their business. These applications form the base systems for their Health & Safety Management, such as Accident, Near Miss, Document Manager and Wildlife Strike.

SMARTAA CAA Compliance Audits are used to check Health & Safety, internal procedures and to satisfy the CAA and to promote a smooth running airport for both passengers and staff.

The SMARTAA system provides Managers and Users with the necessary tools to fulfil and exceed its regulatory and competency requirements. This has proved successful in reducing the amount of resources required for airport Health, Safety and CAA procedures and routines, and continually improving its standards.

The SMARTAA Task Risk makes managing risk easier, which is a huge importance to airport Health and Safety. Task Risk is used to identify the highest risk of any activity, with measures in place. Each Task is created and approved by the Risk Owner. At pre-set intervals of time, the Task is automatically set for review date, whereby the risk owner must recheck the task to ensure it has not changed and that measures in place will effectively continue to control the risk.

Each Audit and Application provides the Management Team with key information that has been recorded efficiently on either a hand-held device or the web. Actions can be raised for responsible managers for tasks or issues that require resolving and verifying. The SMARTAA Dashboard allows managers to review raised Actions, generate Reports and Graphs for analysis and review to ensure standards are continually compliant, evaluated and improved upon.

Our Airport Clients are very happy with our ongoing support and they really feel that it is a system they can continue to trust and rely on to make them a cost effective and compliant business.

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