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Service Quality Regime (SQR)

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Service Quality Regime (SQR)

SMARTAA Benefits:

If your TOC is obligated to fulfil the new SQR, then Advanced New Technology’s SQR System will assist your TOC in successfully managing these requirements by delivering these features in the SQR package. This includes a Mobile application for TOC’s to build and maintain an Asset register for Stations and Trains as well as Auditing the Stations & Trains with the SQR Schedule criteria and defined frequencies (once per period).

Build and audit by station specific areas/zones

The Mobile application will upload the collected Audit Results and any Created Actions to the accompanying Web Application and send any email notifications to the responsible parties of the raised actions.

If an Audit has any actions which require a re-audit (i.e., within 7 days) a new audit schedule is created and set for exactly 7 days.  The re-audit will only show those elements which need re-testing.

DfT Dashboards, Results Pages & Exports are available on the back-office system for full analysis and reporting. This includes undertaken, scheduled Full-Audits and Re-Audits data showing the managers what audits have been undertaken, and which need to be planned.

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“A comprehensive database capable of storing and archiving the Service Quality Register results, captured by inspections and re-inspections (including evidence capture to demonstrate failures and rectifications), and all correspondence associated with each item.”

SQR Dashboard – DFT exports 

  • Raw data – Full data export of all recorded Train and Station audits including Asset type
  • Audit Summary Report – 1 row per audit, with pass/fail status against each indicator
  • Action/Failures Export – Exports all Actions/failures for period
  • Asset Register Export - records list per station or train of assets set up at time of generation
  • Failure Notifications Export– Records if an asset has failed after 2 re-visits
  • Missed Fleet Rectifications – shows if a train asset has not been rectified by its due date

Manage Workloads Easily

Revisit Dashboard:

  • Review which audits revisits  are outstanding and completed. 
  • Allocate auditor to complete the revisit.
Rail System Solutions train doors open at the platformRail System Solutions train doors open at the platform
Rail System Solutions train doors open at the platform

Hot Topics

Send notifications and PDF’s directly to your teams auditing devices from the web to their mobile devices. This could include, training, auditing guidance, or information about works or closures. Hot Topics provides information immediately to the auditing team while they are undertaking stations or trains audits. 

ANT SQR System includes:

  • Intuitive web and mobile system (Android & iOS)
  • DfT Dashboards
  • Unlimited user licences
  • Fully hosted secure web server with yearly server administration 
  • UK support & help desk
  • Ongoing system upgrades 
  • Complete backup of the system to another offsite server with full administration 
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