The SMARTAA system for managing your Health and Safety

SMARTAA Foundation is the multipurpose, client bespoke software system, which consists of a host of specialised features, equipping you with the building blocks to create a safer working environment. 
SMARTAA Foundation gives you and your workforce the power to move forward from compliance to a proactive and preventative approach of safety management as well as putting your industry standards first.
Improving user engagement and data quality, SMARTAA Foundation enables you to significantly reduce risk, raise and track actions with an easy to use dashboard.

Foundation: What's included

Bespoke Audits

Audits are created to match your specific requirements, with scoring, guidance notes and photo evidence. Special audit types available e.g. Risk Assessments and Planned General Inspections. Undertaken using a mobile device or completed on the web.

Custom Applications

Each application is customised, as standard, to meet your requirements. Each one having 3 stages of operation:
Stage 1: User logging of event.
Stage 2: Local manager check.
Stage 3: Investigation.

Action Management

Actions can be created for every Application. Analyse Actions by Application, against ALL applications, by Person, Location or Overdue.

Automatic Email Notification

Client can setup which type of automatic email notifications are required to named persons or via job title. E.g. Audit completed, Action overdue.

Audit Dashboard

Comprehensive Management of Audits undertaken and Actions by Audit Type, Location, Responsible Person, action completion history or levels of overdue.

User graphs and Reporting

Clients can design their own graphs/reports in a maximum of three simple steps. Create graph templates for multiple use in reporting.


With the SMARTAA mobile app (Apple or Android) Real Time reporting is standard. Information recording becomes more accurate, improves communication and staff engagement in H&S.

Applications ALL in one Place

ALL of your health and safety requirements can be found in a single system, in one place, fully password protected. Save on administration costs and training.

Single Sign On

Clients can use the Single Sign On process to access the SMARTAA software system. This permits your employees to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications.

Unlimited Wep and App Licences

All of our systems are supplied with unlimited Web and Mobile App licences. So you can utilise the software with your complete workforce.

SMARTAA Foundation – The building blocks to your Safety Management 

SMARTAA Foundation is the core of your Safety Management System. With over 30 standard applications to choose from, you can build a bespoke SMARTAA Foundation system to ensure compliance to YOUR industry H&S standards. Contact us to demo applications that match your requirements prior to purchasing at our competitive rates. 
ANT believe in building affordable, but bespoke systems for all of our clients.

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Health & Safety and Risk Assessment Reporting just got SmartAA with our mobile App and web application that can be used by any member of staff anywhere at anytime.