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Company: Doncaster Sheffield Airport
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Location: Doncaster
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Client Overview

Voted the UK’s best Airport by Which in 2018, Doncaster Sheffield Airport is an International Airport in South Yorkshire, owned by the Peel Group. Millions of customers annually travel to in excess of 50 destinations from the airport using various airlines. Doncaster Sheffield is an integral part of the local community and provides employment in the air industry and supporting industries. Doncaster Sheffield Airport is regulated by the CAA, as well as their own stringent internal Health and Safety controls.  

To support and maintain the airports high safety standards Doncaster Sheffield Airport chose SMARTAA.


"SMARTAA provides Doncaster Airport Management team with an easy to use, efficient recording and reporting system which is paramount to our Safety Management System, for Auditing and Health & Safety Oversight. As a result of using SMARTAA, our Safety Management System is more efficient, includes the ability to investigate health and safety issues, track and  raise actions ensuring we have robust controls and oversights supporting our continue compliance with airport and CAA compliance. This is increasingly beneficial and assists us in maintaining a safety and efficient operation driving our in-house safety standards. The system includes everything we require and has been imbedded within our Airport Operations routines. Using the mobile App has reduced administration time, enhanced the accuracy of the collected information and saved valuable resources. Support from ANT has been beyond excellent and their expertise has enabled us to develop new applications that are significant within the Air Industry. I would definitely recommend SMARTAA as it has everything in a single system and is easily customisable to match our demanding requirements."

Keith Moran | Head of Compliance & Airside Operations Doncaster Sheffield Airport

The Benefits

For a busy airport such as Doncaster Sheffield to function and perform well in a commercial sense and satisfy its diverse range of customers, it is compulsory for its safety standards to be of the highest level.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport had a multitude of paper based recording systems in place, but these were time consuming, impacted negatively on resources and ultimately did not provide the Airports Management Team with the vital information they required to operate the airport in a modern and efficient manner.

ANT were contacted which resulted in Airport procedures and processes being reviewed and a complete Safety System that was specific to their specialist requirements was designed and integrated into Doncaster Sheffield Airport Health and Safety procedures. For this system to be successful, ANT developed a wide range of SMARTAA CAA Compliant Audits and an extensive range of bespoke Applications. These continue to provide accurate reporting and analysis to fulfil the airports high competency requirements. The Applications and Audits are paramount to DSA’s safety management and form an integral part of their routines, which provide them with the tools to proactively manage and control airside and landside safety.

DSA has worked closely with our staff to innovate applications, and in doing so ANT created Wildlife Control, a much desired app for the air industry which records bird/wildlife patrols with a responsive and easy to use interface which DSA staff use regularly.
They have benefitted from the use of Risk Assessments (Task Risk) which creates activities to manage internally against a particular task. Document Manager continues to be an essential tool which conveniently manages the readership of training documents, meeting minutes and the plethora of documents which a successful airport requires to send out to staff.

DSA have also utilised ANT’s Safety Concern application by adapting it for Airfield Safety to track dangerous conditions that may have the potential to cause significant events like a Runway Incursion. Whether it is Risk management, Safety Reporting, or any other area of safety management, the SMARTAA system supports the staff of Doncaster Sheffield to continually improve its safety and quality standards for the benefit of its customers and shareholders.

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