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TOC’s have been our clients since 2009 but perhaps you have never heard of ANT? Until now, we have undertaken no not advertising and all of our business has been word of mouth – which is always the best way to gain clients, through other client’s recommendations.


We supply both standard and custom APP and Web based systems to help TOC’s manage their franchise, their business and to manage their contractors.


Our success is not just that our systems match TOC requirements, they are also successful because we work with their team to create the most effective solution.


Some of our custom Web and APP based TOC’s solutions are shown below;

Comprehensive APP and Web Driver Competence


Working with Southern for 9 years with their Driver Competence system. They now have over 2000 drivers, shunt drivers on their system. From PQ assessments to qualified drivers with all the information contained such as – Off Track, Development days, electronic EU driver certificates and other documents recorded contained within the system.


It was a ground breaking system as Driver Competence had always been heavily paper based so it was indeed a mammoth challenge. After 1 year the system was up and running and during the next 8 years it has grown immensely and now incorporates an APP to carry out the assessments.

iSAFETY, APP and Web, Health & Safety Suite, linked
to Compass


MTR Crossrail required a complete re write of their current iSAFETY APP system and also wanted to expand it to incorporate all of the following applications;


Accidents, Close Call, Ill Passenger, Suicide Intervention, Environmental, Assault, Trespass, Safety Tours, Op Incidents.


ANT used one of its standard APP systems as the foundation to create this full solution.


MTR Crossrail use Compass as their main issue log but wanted to use the ANT WEB back end for analysis and dashboard purposes.  So some of the data is transferred via VPN to Compass.


The key to success of this solution was the very close relationship between MTR Crossrail and ANT, working as a close knit team.

iSafety Information Download

Dynamic, APP and Web comprehensive Auditing Solution


Freightliner is a complex organisation, managing large volumes of freight trains, containers, transport and multiple other functions.


All audits and inspections were paper based and they required a one stop auditing solution to manage all audit aspects for their business. Within three months they were on the road to success with ANTs dynamic audit application which proved to be the best solution for them, as it is highly flexible, easy to use and also catered for all of their different 22+ audits they required.


It also provided them with key management information and gave them the ability to manage actions highly effectively.

APP and Web SQMS  evaluations and QuEST for Stations
and Trains to satisfy DfT


Prior to VTEC winning the franchise, we worked with East Coast Mainline to create an SQMS system to satisfy both the DfT and their internal quality requirements.


The system covered all of their criteria and was made even more successful by the inclusion of standard issues, making it much easier for the evaluator and it also enabled them to analyse their faults and issues and to take pro active action to correct them. Their payback time was less than 4 months.


After VTEC won the franchise we worked very closely with them to completely redesign their SQMS system into a much easier solution for their evaluators but still maintaining the DfT requirements on their franchise.


When GTR won their Franchise, the DfT imposed very strict criteria on their service quality requirements. Because of experience with SQMS and understanding  the new DfT requirements, ANT was requested to re write the SQMS completely as it had changed enormously with very strict criteria being imposed.


It now had the inclusion of assets control, strict scoring algorithms based on a host of different criteria and with penalty clause based on quite complex mathematical model. This system has now been working very effectively for 5 years.

APP and Web Lost Property system – Found It


A truly unique application where the whole process is controlled and managed by an APP.


It satisfies the Union demands as each transaction is named and dated. Any staff member can use the APP so it is available to everyone. An item is found, logged on the APP and immediately posted into the Found It web system.


When the found item is handed in, the process is simple but strictly controlled. An exceedingly powerful Customer web based, simple, lost property form searches the found items daily and keeps the customer informed at all times.


The benefits of the system is the enormous time saving of resources and the uniqueness of this system is that it actually puts Customer Care as one of its key KPI’s.

ICE – Internal and External Customer Evaluations using APP and Web


The SQMS system was so successful at VTEC they expanded their ANT portfolio into the ICE (internal Customer
Evaluations)  system.


Designed to follow the perception of the customer journey from arriving at the station, at the station, boarding the train, on the train and departing. The key design with this system was keeping the criteria for each subject to a maximum of 10 so that it could be used by everybody within VTEC.


This was exceedingly successful and the main audit team was closed and all staff used the system, making superb savings. VTEC also used a marketing team for ghost evaluations. ANT wrote a simple web audit facility which is emailed to passengers who complete it. Not just another major cost saving but it also provided VTEC with a greater facility to compare VTEC versus passenger journey perceptions.

Web Controller Competence


To manage all controller Competence electronically for all GTR trains.


The system is web based and Controllers can enter their own evidence as and when it happens.


This solves the issue of when the auditor evaluates them on criteria which rarely happens against their competence criteria, the information is there for the auditor to check and validate. If there is sufficient information, then that criteria has been passed else it is rejected. Full Controller compliance plans are managed and monitored within the system.

Health & Safety Pocket Coaching


MTR Crossrail required a new concept of communications for their Heath and Safety. Any videos of incidents or helpful guides to be easily transferred to all of their staff’s mobile device. Also induction and training manuals to be transferred to the APP for ease of access for their staff.


The other criteria which they required was to be able to monitor the staff who had watched the videos or read the documents. Finally, in the case of an emergency or incidents they wanted to quickly add a message/photo on the web and ping it to all of their staff.  A unique, powerful, responsive communications APP.

APPearance – Management of the Cleaning Contractor


The evaluation results from both the ANT SQMS and ICE tools, VTEC realised that Cleaning was a large issue. The contract for Cleaning had a very significant cost attached to it, but the stations and trains were not clean in accordance to the
contract standards.


The APP was divided into the main cleaning tasks – Overnight, Transit, Turnaround and Stations. Simple, quick yet very effective evaluation which both VTEC and the Cleaning contractor had to use. During the first year, an astonishing 2000+ evaluations were undertaken, and this provided VTEC with the key information they required to enhance the meetings with the
Cleaning Contractor.

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