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ANT spent four years developing the Clients perfect solution for a host of recording systems.

Ant turned the development question on its head and asked

TOC iDynamic Recording

Construction iDynamic Recording

Airport iDynamic Recording

Corporate iDynamic Recording

“What Key Performance Indicators does the Client require”


Be able to change criteria at any time without additional hidden charges.

Define exactly which data they wanted to input into the system.

Not a basic “Web Form” but one allowing navigation depending on the answer.

The Client wanted an easy to use system for the User, without training.

They wanted a powerful reporting, graph and export facility to match their needs.

No restriction on the volume of user licences, at no additional charge.

A cost-effective solution with short payback period.

Dynamic Reporting was created and since its launch early in 2018 it has already proved to be very successful –
before any marketing took place



What is the underlying components of iDynamic Recording


It is so flexible for the User they can define exactly how they want their form.

 A host of standard field types ;-


Character, Numeric, Memo, Date – Future, Date – Past, Date – Future & Past

Lookup – single selection,  Lookup – Multiple Selection, Linked lookup tables

Jump to Selections, Photos attachments, Multiple Document attachments

Body Part Diagram Selection, Mandatory data, Sensitive fields,

Also the system is designed in three distinct stages;


Stage 1 : User inputting the initial record

Stage 2 : The record is verified/checked by the local manager

Stage 3 : Investigation module if an investigation is required.

When Stage 1 is complete then automatic notification emails are sent to defined personnel.

When Stage 2 is complete then automatic notification emails are sent to defined personnel.



Reporting, Graphical analysis and Exporting


Designed to match what the client has always requested – The ability to design and save their own report templates.


In 3 easy steps design your own reports;


Step 1 : Decide what you require to be printed on the Report

Step 2 : Define the criteria of the data you wish to report on.

Step 3 : Decide how you want the report sorted.


One you have done these three simple steps, save your report as a template to use over and over again.

When you produce the report all you are required to do is to type the date range you require for the report.



Management Graphs


Management require graphical analysis of the current situation of where they are now and what the trend is. Within this very powerful package, we have even included an easy to use Dashboard graph tool, enabling you to design your own graphs for your Executive dashboard.


What Recording is it already being used for?


Accidents, Near Miss, First Aid, Aggressive Behavior, Suicide Intervention,

Trespass, Clinical Issues, Assets Management, External Audit Control,

COSHH investigations, Assault, Ill passengers…

iDynamic Applications

Audits, Reporting, Risk and Coaching

Test it out at no charge

This is a précis of 4 years design and development – Test it for yourself at no charge what so ever.


Simply send us your form or spreadsheet of what you require, and we will create it for you, place it on our demo site and you can then go in and evaluate it for yourself.


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