Dynamic Pocket Coach

A truly unique APP which gets documents, videos, urgent information and lets staff know how things
are going.


Controlled via the web where any Document, video, photo can be added to the web and it is then available on all staff mobile devices.

It means you can those documents which are read once and then forgotten about can be readily at hand on their mobile devices for reference.

What does this Dynamic Pocket Coach offer you and your staff?


Now, for the very first time, staff can have all the information available at their fingertips – truly unique.


A dangerous incident happens. Video it on your mobile, upload it to the web and instantly all staff can view it and take action in their own area if needed.

Lengthy Induction training documents are usually only read once. Now have these on the staff mobile so they can refer to it at anytime.

Safety Notices can be on staff fingertips at all times for reference

Urgent notifications can be pinged out to staff at any time to create an instant response.

Staff important notices and information can be sent to their mobile device quickly and very easily with one click of
a button.

Safety videos can be added for anything you want, e.g. manual handling, Display screen use, COSHH, yes anything.

The same applies to Security. Any video you think would be important to your staff you can add within minutes.

The key point to the above statements is that you can add anything you want to use this very dynamic “information” App for. It literally can be used for anything e.g. Recipes, Induction library, Job Method statements, etc. etc


What does Dynamic Pocket Coach offer the Manager?


Each time a staff member views a video, or reads a document or looks at a photo then all this information is fed back to web.

The system can be setup to match your company structure e.g. Drivers, Guards. Station Managers etc. The web breaks everything down into these different groups.

These groups would then contain all the people working within that group.

Replace new updates is simple and easy, meaning that you save thousands of pounds doing all the updates and training you undertake now.

Training – very expensive as staff lose valuable time and you have to resource the training manager. Why not undertake training using Dynamic Pocket Coach?  Easier and cheaper.

The manager can view a list of all their staff which will show which videos, documents have been viewed and read.

For those important videos and documents which have not been read then the manager can now undertake pro active action.

Knowing that staff have viewed a video and read a document would help in litigation where the company has proof that the information was read/viewed and understood.

Sounds too good to be true?

It is not but if you require proof and want to see it in operation then contact us and we will be very
pleased to provide you a dynamic demonstration of the system.

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Demo Pocket Coach

If you would like to see a demo of this Pocket Coaching APP then contact us and we will be pleased to arrange a demonstration at a convenient time to suite you.


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