iDynamic Auditing

Why iDynamic Auditing?


It is the latest release of the ANT Auditing system which has been re written again, encompassing a host of additional, user requested upgrades.

ANT Auditor was an excellent system but it had to be written using the sophisticated Xamarin software so we asked all of our Clients – What else do you require?

“What Key Additional Criteria which the Clients require?”


To be EVEN more dynamic - a maximum of two clicks to get to any question within any section.

For the Auditor to easily which sections/questions have been answered and what the answer is.

The facility to take 3 photos for best practice AND for each action.

To be able to enter “overall comments” for the whole audit summary at any time during the audit.

To be able to identify a non-conformance BUT to be able to fix it and close it down during the audit.

To have a summary at the end of the audit where the auditor can go through the non-conformances with the manager before completing it.

Identify and check actions still outstanding from the previous audit on the mobile device.

An Audit Schedule module which emails out the audit date and information to the Client and to monitor audit plan
versus actual.

A cost-effective solution with short payback period.

Dynamic Auditing was completed and all of clients upgraded. It has proved to be a major success.



What Else are the Key Attributes to iDynamic Auditor?


Create up to 20 Audits directly on the Web System. Easy to setup with the range of flexible parameters;

Add Pre and Post Questions  prior to the audit – Perfect for Fire Risk assessments. A range to field types to select from as standard.

Create your Sections

For each Section add your criteria/questions

For each Question have up to 10 answers type

Score each answer type.

Define if the answer is a non-conformance and requires an action

Create multiple standard actions for each question.


These are transferred to the mobile device and if you get anything wrong – just pop back in and change it – simple.



Automatic Emails to the Right People


Once the audit has been completed then, through the dynamic email module, you can decide who gets the email. This can be the full audit report or just the actions – you decide to match your requirements.



iDynamic Action Module – Manage Your Actions Effectively


Any Non-Conformance actions are stored in the action module.

Identify Action type trends and be able to take proactive responses.

View the actions Overdue and outstanding by location.

Send Automatic escalation emails out to named personnel.

Complete actions via the mobile device on the next audit.

Even be able to certify actions have been completed to standard.


Executive Dashboard – Simple but what they want to see


The Executive only has a few minutes to gaze quickly at the results and to make decisions.


Pi Charts for the whole company, each major location and if required sub locations are displayed for them to see how many actions overdue and outstanding. They will clearly see everything for the whole company and then which managers need a word to get actions cleared – just a few minutes and they can see everything they need.



Reporting, Graphical analysis and Exporting


Designed to match what the client has always requested – The ability to design and save their own report templates.


In 3 easy steps design your own reports;


Step 1 : Decide what you require to be printed on the Report

Step 2 : Define the criteria of the data you wish to report on.

Step 3 : Decide how you want the report sorted.

One you have done these three simple steps, save your report as a template to use over and over again.

When you produce the report all you are required to do is to type the date range you require for the report.



Management Graphs


Management require graphical analysis of the current situation of where they are now and what the trend is. Within this very powerful package, we have even included an easy to use Dashboard graph tool, enabling you to design your own graphs for your Executive dashboard.



What Variations of Audits does iDynamic Auditor undertake now?


Compliance Audits for Health & Safety, Environment and ISO Standards, Inspections, Cleaning Standards, Quick Checks,     Walkabout Tours Station Evaluations, Train Evaluations.

iDynamic Applications

Audits, Reporting, Risk and Coaching

Test it out at no charge

If you wish to try it out, then simply send us one of your audits. We will enter some of it into our system and then visit you to provide you a demonstration of al the above benefits it can provide you.


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