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ANT Dynamic Audits, Accidents, Incidents, Near Miss are just a few applications used within Councils for their Sites and their schools.


A radical change happened during the last recession, councils cut back drastically and lost most of their staff within Health & Safety, especially the auditors. This gave them a major headache as they were legally bound to ensure Schools were safe and they undertook this task by auditing.


The ANT system gave them a solution. The first step was to open up the web system to all schools.  Each school entered their own accident etc information in which was then checked by Head Office – a key saving and put the responsibility where it should be – in the school.


Audits were undertaken but instead of Head Office constantly chasing the schools to complete the actions found during the audit – they gave the schools the actions on the web. Here the action escalation email was very effective at prompting the schools to complete them. The Analysis and dashboard at Head Office also proved invaluable as it highlighted schools who were behind on their actions.

Another step forward was the ANT Web Form. This enables Head Office to create mini audits and email them to the schools. The school opened up the email and clicked on link and then the mini audit appeared. This meant that the mini monthly audits, over the course of a year, was in fact a duplicate of the main audit.


It again put the responsibility with the school and also made the auditors task must easier as the mini audits were, in fact, subliminal training.

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