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ANT has 5 airports using multiple applications within their business. The majority of these applications are the base systems for Health & Safety Management, such as Accident, Near Miss, Aggressive behaviour, and other applications.


The other key ones which Airports use to reduce accidents within their company are;

Compliance Audits and Task Activity Risk.


Both of these applications are to check for Health & Safety, internal procedures and to satisfy the CAA.

Both of these applications are used in earnest to promote a smooth running airport for both passengers and staff.


Task Activity Risk Application is to identify the highest risk of any activity, with measures in place. Each Task is created and approved by the Risk Owner which makes it company binding.


At stated intervals of time, the Task is automatically set for review date, where the risk owner must recheck the task to ensure it has not changed or that measures in place are credible.


The Dynamic auditing application is used for compliance Health and Safety checks and also there is a standard set of CAA approved audits to ensure that all CAA criteria are checked.

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